Thursday, September 04, 2008

Society of Feline Artists 2008 Exhibition

'The Aristocrat'
Original sold by the Llewellyn Alexander Gallery
On Tuesday I travelled down to London to attend the Private View of the 2008 Exhibition of the Society of Feline Artists. Still jet lagged I did wonder if this was a good idea but I had a fabulous time.
I first met up with Katherine Tyrrell of the Making a Mark blog for lunch and a good chat. Katherine is excellent at finding nice places for lunch so we had a thoroughly enjoyable time.
Katherine went into the Gallery slightly ahead of me, and imagine my delight when she came back to tell me 'Aristocrat' had the coveted red spot to mark it sold. I later found out that it had been one of the first paintings to be bought.
We got time to speak to some of the other SOFA members and I found them a really friendly set of people. (Denise if you read this I have been showing off your business cards and have ordered some of my own).
The exhibition continues until the 20/09 so if you like feline art and can travel to London then it is really worth a visit.
Denise Laurent - The Painted Cat
The SOFA blog


Tracy Hall said...

Comgratulations, Gayle!!

Gillian McMurray said...

Congratulations again. I am not surprised your 'Aristocrat' sold so early. It is a beautiful piece.

Gayle Mason said...

Thank you Tracy and Gillian