Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Update on Rio

I'm sorry this has taken so long, I have just been really busy with various things.

We took Rio back to the animal hospital and the Vet removed his tube, vest and collar as his jaw is growing, and best of all growing straight.
He told us to take the splint off when he is being fed. This pleased Rio immensely and he ate a full large tin of rice pudding without lifting his head from the dish. He has continued to eat and eat and eat, and he has gained 7lbs in weight in two weeks. He has now worked out that after eating, his splint goes back on and has decided that puppy activities are better without it. I can only say that I can probably now lasso a steer in full flight quite easily.

He has also been reunited with his sister for short periods of supervised play. They were very pleased to be back together, so pleased that all they want to do is knock one another over. Obviously these periods have to be rather short, and consist of much catching of puppies in full flight. You can see what I mean from the photograph of them.

We take him back to the hospital again on Friday and are all hoping he can have the splint off for longer periods of time.

He is not at all frightened of the big dogs and barks as best he can at them from the other side of his baby gate, or pulls their fur through the gate. Juno is fascinated by him and spends hours lying near him.

We went to the printers yesterday and took Juno with us, he had a lovely time on the beach at Saltburn away from his puppy watching activity.

I have finished my French Grey cat, which was one of the reasons for visiting the printer, he made an excellent job with the prints. So here is 'Shades of Grey'

Tomorrow I'll carry on with my black scratch bord demonstration.


Katherine said...

I just love all your pics of the dogs and the pups - and that's a very good looking cat you've got there as well Gayle!

Henriette said...

Your painting is lovely.
I love the grey/white tone.

I'm glad that Rio is doing fine.
You can't imagine how it touches my hart to see the little ones together.
You have a lot of work to keep him in eye.