Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Little Owl- Mixed Media and Photography

 Little Owl photographed on local moor, May 2015
© Gayle Mason Fine Art

Little Owl - Mixed Media on Paper

I am lucky enough to live within a couple of miles of several Little Owls and have spent many hours watching and photographing them.
I had already started the painting above or I would probably have used the photograph above. That particular owl was cross at being disturbed when I came upon it unexpectedly. It certainly wasn't frightened as I walked past with two of the dogs simply turned his head to make sure I was moving on. I particularly like the ruffled feather as I think it gives the owl character.

The painting has an acrylic background and the owl is coloured pencil. I'm using Arches hot pressed watercolour paper and the finished size will be approximately 12 x 18 inches.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

The Old Red Deer Stag - Mixed Media on Black Paper

''The Last Call'
Red Deer Stag, mixed media on black pastlemat.

Each year we spend a couple of days over the New Year period in Scotland and weather permitting on New Years Day itself we pay a visit to the Highland Wildlife Park at Kingussie.
I always take hundreds of photographs and when looking through them for inspiration this image jumped out at me. Judging by the amount of grey and white he had on his head I would imagine he is quite elderly but he was still watching over the hinds.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Resurrecting 'Fur in the Paint'

'Red Deer Stag'
Mixed Media on Paper
Original and prints available

So after ignoring my blog other than the occasional post for the best part of two years I've decided to resurrect it and post on a more regular basis.

Why did I ignore it and why have I decided to revive it? 
I haven't posted on my blog because I found it easier to keep in touch with people using other forms of social media such as Facebook and Twitter. It takes hardly any time to post an image on facebook with a few words to go with it. But while Facebook is excellent for keeping in touch and seeing what other artists are doing it has drawbacks.
So my decision to make an effort with my blog has come about as a result of two things. Firstly not everyone uses social media websites for a variety of reasons and a couple of people have mentioned that they miss my blog. Secondly I get many emails asking me how I do various things so it would save me time being able to post a mini tutorial instead of sending emails to different people and Facebook isn't designed for that.

'Hare in Reeds'
Original and Prints available

Since I last posted I've started a couple of what will eventually become series of artwork. Both series are a departure from my highly detailed work and I started them for when my time is limited and I need to produce something in days rather than weeks.

The first of these series I've called 'Country Characters' and each one will focus more on the character of the animal or bird than on anatomical correctness and detail.

First up 'Wilbur'

'Wilbur Wren'
Mixed media on Paper

For my second series I've returned to something I started several years ago, white on black with a touch of colour.
My first one is a hare because I've spent a lot of time recently watching them and they have such beautiful eyes.
'Watchful Hare'
White pencil and watercolour on black paper

So that's a short catch up and I'll be back in a couple of days to share what's on my drawing board.