Thursday, April 12, 2007

Does My Bottom Look Big in This?

I was showing the progress of my Meerkat to my cyber chums, and my friend and fellow artist Katherine Tyrell came up with this title "Does My Bottom Look Big in This?". I have to say that looking at his pose it fits him really well. So it is now adopted as the official working title.

For all things art have a look at Katherine's blog, Making a Mark

Anyway here is the progress of my Meerkat.

And a close up.

I've been giving Roxy some individual attention lately as she was starting to rely on Rio to protect her from everything and anything. So we've been going on walks in the early mornings or evenings without the other dogs.

One evening we saw a stoat, it ran up and down the top of the wall next to us and then played hide and seek peeping in and out of the stones. Unfortunately my interest was much greater than Roxy's who watched for about two minutes and then decided to act like the stoat. She hurled herself about at the end of her lead until we were both tied in knots and the stoat had got bored and continued on its way.

Here are a couple of views from the 'stoat walk' including Roxy with Roma in the background.


Cynthia Blue said...

You are a very good artist, and I love your collies. (I have 3 smooth collies). :)

Gayle Mason said...

Thank you for commenting.


Quilt Knit said...

civjoWow! Your Collies! They bring back so many memories. Ours had more coloring towards the
Lassie on TV in the late 50's. I miss Our KING and PRINCE. Thank-you for sharing.
Your art is gorgeous.

Gayle Mason said...

Thank you for the nice comment, my collies are also quite a lot smaller than the 'Laddie' used in the original TV show.