Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Cats in the Belfrey

At this time of year we often see bats flying around outside the lounge window at twilight, the especially daring among them even sometimes have a quick peep in the window if we have it open. So far they have remained on the right side of the glass, but Roxie who is the only dog that appears to see them lives in hope.
Anyway last night there were several of them darting around and they obviously made a big impression, because when I went to bed I had a dream about little furry things flying about. However in my dream they looked suspiciously like cats with wings.

I'm not at all surprised as I seem to do nothing but think cats, and for a dog person that is highly traumatic, even more traumatic for my dogs.
Here is the latest partially completed cat, a Ragdoll this time, coloured pencil and acrylic on pastelbord.
I will mention the Museum of Wildlife Art tomorrow(ish) when I find my booklet from there.

However here are a few more photographs from my holiday, all the animals are wild, in their natural settings.


Wendy said...

Wow Gayle, I love the photo's, that last one, the landscape is gorgeous! Was that Canada?

hehe batlike cats, it's funny what your brain does at bedtime isn't it?:)

And I love the new banner!

Gayle Mason said...

Thanks Wensdy.
The last photo is Morraine Lake, it is in Canada.
I couldn't have done the banner without your blog post.