Friday, February 13, 2009

Chipmunk in Pastel

This has been one of those weeks you prefer to forget, as quickly as possible.
We took my younger son for an interview at the University he hopes to study medicine at on Wednesday. We set off in bright sunshine, ten miles down the road we were in the middle of a snow storm. My car doesn't do snow, it is rear wheel drive with sports tyres which don't tend to have a good grip. The next hour was rather tense.
We got home and the electrics died in it. Unfortunately they died when my husband had been driving, which meant I couldn't move the seat to reach the pedals.

Yesterday the boiler died in spectacular fashion, the circuit board started smoking, so no heat or hot water.
This morning my husband went to take my car to the garage to find not only had the electrics died, so had the car.
But, thanks to a very nice Mercedes technician the car was resucitated enough to make the garage and British Gas replaced the circuit board in the boiler.

The car may or may not return home today, and the boiler needs more work on Monday, but that will be a new week.
I found a piece of black Stonehenge paper and decided to do a small pastel. I know Stonehenge is the favourite paper of many coloured pencil artists but I don't like it. I prefer Arches or Fabriano for coloured pencil which is why I decided to use it for pastel.
This is from one of my photographs of a Chipmunk I saw last summer in South Dakota. It is only small, about 6 x 6.


Toni-Marie Hudson said...

Looks great. We used to have three chipmonks in a little outdoor aviary thingy but my mum decided to get shut. Boo hoo. She always gets bored of stuff. I tell her not to bother getting anything like that anymore.

This week has been my week off work so I won't be glad to see the end of it like you.
Back to the gulag. 9-8 shift on monday...horaaaay!!!:/

Jennifer Rose said...

He is a lovely little chipmunk, great fur texture :)

I'm not a fan of Stonehenge either, its over rated in my opinion.

Not a good week at all! But at least you have heat and hot water now, shame about the car

Laure Ferlita said...

Love the chipmunk - such wonderful detail you've accomplished in such a small area.

Do hope the week ahead is wonderful, and this last one fades quickly from memory!

Gayle Mason said...

Thanks for your comments.
Toni-Marie I always wanted Chipmunks, or a dog, or a horse but was only allowed a cat when I lived at home. Hope your week isn't too bad.
The car is now home, the garage couldn't find anything wrong with it. That doesn't fill me with confidence for it remaining in working order.

Karen Hargett said...

Great job on the chipmunk! Sorry to hear about all the problems at home and with the car. Maybe since it seems that everything happened at once you are all done for the year ;-)

Arti said...

This is my first visit here..and I loved your art!This chipmunk is quite cute and adorable...i must say you make a very good use of color pencils and pastels.I have used lead pencil only till now, but I think I should try color pencils too!However the details that you creat are extra ordinary.

Dors said...

My first visit and I am very impressed. you work is much detail. I will be following your lion for sure.