Friday, May 08, 2009

More Kitten

Continuing to work on the kitten, this is all that fits on the scanner.
I have been wanting to take some photographs of a male mallard for a painting. The local duck population must have heard so this morning a pair decided to audition for me. My husband was not impressed with finding the garden pond playing host to them. They did not leave the water in the same condition that they found it.


pencilportraits said...

The kitten and the ducks are both lovely Gayle, I know what damage those little ducks do, we bought ours a paddling pool and they trashed it within a week!!!

Teresa Mallen said...

The kitten looks wonderful! Congratulations on getting the duck photos. Isn't it wonderful when wildlife cooperates? :-)

Gayle Mason said...

Thank you.
I love the ducks but was slightly relieved wheen they flew away. I think they might be back though.

Dors said...

This is really lovely. Love how this it coming along.

Great job. Also love the ducks.

Dee Dee said...

Hi Gayle!

The kitten looks so real! He really has that kitten fur, that separates just like that I could just feel it.

LOL on the ducks...beautiful! But they do leave a mess. This is a great shot though will you be painting this one?

Gayle Mason said...

I will be painting the ducks, they are becoming long staying visitors.