Thursday, July 23, 2009

Watercolour Cat Continued

I'm still enjoying the watercolour and still hoping to get this done in time for the SOFA exhibition.
For the third year running one of my paintings has been included in the SOFA brochure, this year it's 'Moody Blue'. My friend Katherine has gone one better and had her painting included on the front page.
Here's the link to the post Katherine wrote about the 2009 SOFA exhibition.
"Meet the Kittens" on the SOFA front cover


Anonymous said...

Ooh I'm enjoying this more every time I see it :) How are you preparing your watercolor paper before you start? Do you need to stretch it when you use watercolor this way? That's always been whats put me off trying Watercolor. Do you get the paper very wet as you go or is the paint quite thick?

Sorry, I'm a question machine today! You've actually inspired me to do some art and I'd love to try watercolors.

Robert said...


Gayle Mason said...

Hi Wendy, I paint dry on dry so my paper never gets wet enough to need stretching. But I want to try some wet in wet backgrounds so I've bought a paper stretcher. I'll do a blog post about it aafter its test drive.
Thanks Robert

Anonymous said...

Oh cool, that makes me more keen to give it a go. I've always been a bit nervous of the whole paper stretching thing.

Robert said...

Stretching paper in preparation for water colours or such like is easy Wendy... all you really need is a hardwood board, and some 'gummed brown paper tape... at least that is the colour it usually comes in... just lay your paper on the hard wood board and give it a little wipe over with a clean wet sponge... not too wet and then quickly wet the gummed paper tape strips (that you have cut to length before hand) and position over the edges of your paper. Make sure it is secure and then wait for it to dry. Simple - stretched paper preparation. If the paper is too lightweight (too thin) some buckling may occur, so a good quality paper and heavy weight is best. If you would like more detailed instructions, then please email me at
If you buy a very heavy watercolour paper then stretching will most likely not be required, but of course it will cost much more... to use lighter paper is cheaper and stetching it is quite simple... just takes a little confidence through practice to get it perfect.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful cat..
Are you kind of painting, each strand
of fur?
Love the Color of the eyes.
Are they layered color.?
thanks for sharing