Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Another Mixed Media Cat

I'm using this tabby cat to do another demo on painting cats eyes. I decided to put some fur in first round the eye to give it a setting.
As usual watercolour and colour pencil on hot press watercolour paper.


RG said...

Interesting, i'm looking forward to see this "tutorial".

Sally McLean said...

I love the result here. Do you apply watercolour before the colour pencil?

Anonymous said...

Looks supperb so far! thanks for doing the demo - great Blog!

fellow artist :)

Gayle Mason said...

Sally I apply watercolour both before and after depending on the effect I want. I find the two work really well together.

Sandy said...

Gayle, I love your cat art and enjoy seeing how you do it! Could you please add a bit more in the way of directions, colors, on this one so I can better "see" how you get your look. I have not used watercolor with cp before.