Thursday, October 22, 2009

Tabby Cat Eye Study Number 3

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The third ACEO tabby cat eye study.

The birds are back in town, at least they're back in the garden. After a quiet summer the feeders are starting to get busy.
While sitting at my drawing board this morning I twice looked up and saw a Heron looking back. It was on the edge of the small pond looking for breakfast I imagine. We have a couple of large golden orf in that pond but fortunately there are still plenty of water lilly leaves to hide under. After the heron left there was a pheasant wandering about which sparked a barking frenzy in the dogs, (they had decided the heron looked to big to mess with). Then a flock of long tailed tits passed through.


Colette Theriault said...

Gayle, another stunningly beautiful piece! Congrats.

Dors said...

Nice work, all your cats are superbly done.
It must be lovely to have so much wild life around you..
We had lots of wild life when we lived in QLD. Hope we get lots when we have built the new home... lots of bush behind us there.

DEB said...

Another masterpiece!!