Monday, November 09, 2009

Art Materials Live

I really enjoyed demonstrating for the UKCPS at the NEC, it is always a great social occasion meeting old friends and making new ones.
The art materials section had been moved this year and was surrounded by craft and food stands. I thought there were slightly less visitors to the art section although the craft section was really busy.
The format of the stand worked well as it was long and narrow enabling visitors to walk down the line of UKCPS demonstrators. As usual there were lots of comments about what could be achieved with coloured pencil and several new converts.
My eye demo seemed popular and sold out on the third day, I will be printing some more when get some time.

I'm at the NEC again next weekend this time it's the Supreme Cat show, more details to follow.


Mona said...

Gayle, this is coming along beautifully!

Since I'm from the U.S., what does NEC stand for? Best wishes with your participation in this.

Dors said...

Looking soooooooo good. Superb work.

Stunning job.