Saturday, December 19, 2009

Dogs in Snow and a Drafting Film Cat

I've just arrived home from a very long round trip to collect my youngest son from his University in London. There was an accident on the M1 so the journey home took around 6 hours.
It gave me plenty of time to think about where I want to go with my art in 2010, more about that later.

Yesterday the dogs enjoyed playing in the snow, Cody my mad puppy and Rio absolutely loved it.
I started an experiment on drafting film. I'm working on both the front and the back with coloured pencil and acrylic.
The background is airbrushed acrylic worked completely on the back so that I can now move onto the front to get the effect I'm looking for. I thought you might like to see the before, of course the after might be a disaster.
The piece is around 10 x 8.


Jan said...

I think it's going to end up perfectly and not a disaster at all. You can see it coming together.

Did you ever finish the watercolor RagDoll kitten? That's another one that looked as if it would be beautifully finished!

jen hook said...

Hi Gayle.
thanks so much for sharing your art. if you have any tips on using the drafting film i'd love to hear it as i have struggled with the surface and layering.
Warm regards
janice marie

Carolina said...

Hi Gayle!
Your dogs are adorable! Cute photos!
Your experiment is going forward nicely... thanks for sharing the wips...
Happy holidays!