Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Ragdoll Cat in Coloured Pencil Continued

I've started adding the dark background which makes the pale fur really stand out.

I've spent time over the last couple of days getting my garden in shape and I can tell you it's been fighting back. The weeds resist all attempts to remove them while the plants leap out if you look at them and then lie gasping on the surface.
I cleaned the small pond and found I have gained two fish which I've never seen before and have no idea what they are. They are the shape of an orf but black with a little white on the head and slightly barred across the back, about 3 inches long. The only fish I've ever put in that pond are Blue and Golden Orf, Goldfish, Sarasa Comets and long ago I had a couple of Dace.
I think Rob has lost his Sturgeon which lived in the big pond to the Heron, I haven't seen it for a few days and I have seen the Heron visiting in the early mornings.

I'll try to photograph my mystery fish and maybe someone can enlighten me as to what they are. They are much more timid than the other fish though.


Vic said...

Beautiful work Gayle...having been a fan of your work forever I am curious to know what you are using for the background, on closer inspection it does not look like CPs,but it sure makes the cat pop ?

Anesha said...

Just found your blog and just blown away by your art! Stunning.

Gayle Mason said...

Vic, it is coloured pencil, several layers of sepia and black then a layer of liquid acrylic to even it out.

Gayle Mason said...

Thank you Anesha

Vic said...

Hi Gayle,
Thanks for the information...I thought you might used a bit of CPS in there somewhere, but then a layer of liquid acrylic, that just sounds kinda of scary, I would be very nervous doing it that way just in case I messed it up....but I look forward to seeing how this progreses.