Friday, September 03, 2010

Millie the Spaniel continued

I have continued with Millie the Spaniel, now both eyes can watch me :)

I have started adding pages to my blog, the first one will be a showcase for any original artwork I have for sale.
I intend to add a page with details of the materials I use. It might be useful to have all the information in one place rather than spread throughout the blog.
However I've been making the most of the nice weather to tame some areas of the garden. I always find it amazing that anything with thorns grows three times as fast as anything else. Of course my gardening gloves are missing, I have my suspicions that a certain four legged friend, otherwise known as Cody has had something to do with their demise.


Sally McLean said...


Mona said...

that fur is superb!

Dean Grey said...


Very cute!

Look at all the warm colors in Millie's tan fur!

Detailed as always!


Dors said...

Oooops Cody's in trouble. Hope you find those gloves.

Millie is gorgeous. Love the colors and she is so cute.
Great job.