Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Borzoi - Part 2

In between getting ready for Patchings Art Festival, working on the pastel tiger and printing I've been making slow progress on the Borzoi.
I've added some acrylic washes to add depth and then worked over the top with coloured pencil.


Clovie Boy said...

Gayle, this is so beautiful! How do you do an acrylic wash? Were you also using watercolor washes? Is the Strathmore Bristol Smooth paper a watercolor paper or drawing paper?

Gayle Mason said...

I put the acrylic wash over the pencil. I use transparent colours and an almost dry brush.
The paper is a drawing paper but will take a wash as long as you don't get it too wet.

Clovie Boy said...

Thanks Gayle. I think the wash adds some depth. Must try that!