Thursday, September 08, 2011

Contrasts from the Grand Canyon

The beauty of the scenery contrasted with one of the ugliest birds I have photographed, the turkey vulture.

I incorrectly identified this bird,k Rodri has pointed out that it is in fact a Californian Condor not a Turkey Buzzard which makes it very special, but still ugly!

However these birds were quite majestic when soaring above the canyon.

Apologies that some of the photographs are the wrong orientation the program is doing it's own thing.
Flying home from Phoenix tomorrow and back to sharing artwork.


Rodri said...

Sorry to disappoint you. Your ugly bird is not a turkey vulture but a California condor! And ugly as it may be, it's a very special bird and your photo is juxt excellent! :)

Gayle Mason said...

Thank you for correcting me, the bird was with seven or eight Turkey Vultures flying over the Grand Canyon (at least I think they were, I'll post more photographs) so I assumed that was what it was as I didn't think I'sd be so lucky to see a Condor, shame I didn't get a shot of its wing tag.

Katherine Tyrrell said...

You are going to hoot when you read this and see who was photographing condors at the same time in the same place

Chocolatyclaire said...

Hi Gayle

Gorgeous photos and a real treasure to see where you've been as my husband and I are doing a similiar trip next year - you've made us get all excited again!

Claire x

Gayle Mason said...

I think I must have missed him by about 4 days Katherine, amazing coincidence.
You'll definitely enjoy yourself Claire, photographs cannot do justice to the magnificent scenery.

Fay Akers said...

lovely photos, it interesting that the program picking only on the animals. Love the beginning of your latest drawing.