Sunday, February 26, 2012

Pheasants in graphite

I'm working on a graphite drawing of a male and female pheasant.
It will be about 16 x 12 and I'm using mellotex paper.
I've only included the part that fit in my scanner because my camera doesn't like the lack of light today.

The original reference images courtesy Alan D. Wilson,, used with Alan's permission.


Anonymous said...

what is mellotex?

Nolon Stacey said...

They say great minds think alike. I had a very similar drawing planned for an exhibition with the theme 'The Dance'. Haven't even got to the stage of sketching it out yet though - it's just been floating around in my brain - have you been digging around in there?? I'll rethink it a little.

This is looking like it'll be a great one though.

Did you book any MIY shows?

Gayle Mason said...

Mellotex is a very smooth paper available in various shades of white, Brilliant White, Ultra White and Super White.

Great minds definitely do think alike Nolon, I'm calling mine 'The Show Off' Don't alter your plans I'm sure we aren't going to be in competition with each other, as these aren't my photograph I won't be entering it anywhere just producing prints.

I booked both Harrogate Flower shows as the travelling will be okay, the York ones involve too much travelling on a daily basis.
I'm doing Patchings on my own, plus the Supreme, the SOFA exhibition and having a solo exhibition at the end of the year.
I also plan to enter a couple of competitions and that seemed enough for one year