Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Holiday Time

I haven't got any new artwork to share but I thought you might like this photograph of one of Chester Zoo's lionesses sleeping as though ready to pounce.

I'm setting off on holiday on Thursday, flying  to the US and then driving into Canada taking in Yellowstone, Glacier National Park, Waterton Lakes, Banff, Jasper and Vancouver before flying home from Seattle.
The camera equipment is already packed, less important things like clothes will typically get sorted tomorrow evening.
I will hopefully be doing some sketching, I will definitely be taking photographs and hope to post some on here during my holiday. We are spending the first few days in Yellowstone so I won't be able to post anything until the beginning of next week at the earliest.
I'll be back for the Autumn Flower show at Harrogate with some new art to share.


Sharon Whitley said...

oh you lucky thing what a fantastic holiday! I visit Chester Zoo quite a bit as I live nearby and those lions are always sleeping!!! Lovely capture! Have a great time

Poet Whale said...

Have a fun and safe vacation!

Jenny wren's nest said...

I wanted to take our teen kids to yellow stone this year so bad, but we didn't make it.

I hope you have the time of your life, I will be eagerly waiting to see you pictures.

Clovie Boy said...

Sounds like a great trip. I have been to most of these places. If I recall there is a wonderful zoo in Vancouver if you are looking for some animals to photograph. Seattle's Woodland Park zoo is nice also if you have time. Lots of buffalo in Yellowstone.