Sunday, January 13, 2013

Photographic Record of 2013

I want to keep a photograph record of 2013, updating every weekend.

The first photograph is Clinton in Scotland. He forgot his arthritis when he saw the snow. He doesn't look bad for his age, he's 11 in March.

We had a day of sunshine and showers at the beginning of the year, the second photograph is one of many rainbows that appeared that day.

The third photograph is the lane I walk down most days. I took the photograph this morning and intend to take the same view several times over the year so that I can record the changes.


Peggy said...

Beautiful photos! I really like Clinton! What a gorgeous dog :)

Sheona Hamilton-Grant said...

Like this idea Gail. It'll be very interesting to see the changes through the seasons and you are right your 11 year old looks to be in great shape :D