Sunday, March 24, 2013

Exhibiting - 10 Things Artists Hate to Hear

My newest painting, 'Irish Setter'
Most of the people I meet at exhibitions are a pleasure to talk to but there are others who either intentionally or not are at the best unthinking, at the worst rude.
I usually laugh the comments off as all exhibitors have had their share of 'those' people but a friend of mine has decided not to exhibit any more as she found the comments affected how she viewed her art.

So here are 10 of the comments artists hate to hear:-

  1. 'How much', said in a shocked voice, swiftly followed by John, Sue or Bob only charges a fraction of that, I wouldn't like to pay that much.
  2. 'I wouldn't pay that much' you can buy paintings for £10 at .......
  3.  I like the ones painted by the artist over there better.
  4.  Why do you paint cats they're horrible animals (insert animal of choice for cat, I've had the same comment for dogs, horses, birds etc)
  5.  My friend, wife, sister etc is really good, said while looking at your art then walking away with a slight shake of the head.
  6.  Why would anyone want to hang a painting of an animal on their wall.
  7.  If I had the time I could paint like you
  8. Are you using crayons, I used to use those at school . (if I'm using coloured pencils)
  9. It's like painting by numbers
  10.  How long has it taken to paint that (perfectly reasonable question) but after telling them 100 plus hours they follow it up with, it only takes John, Sue or Bob 10 hours and they're really good.


Dawn said...

Beautiful Irish Setter! I've owned quite a few of them over the years, and you have captured the breed perfectly.

Paul Shenton said...

The setter is stunning you have captured it perfect. I too as a begginer wonder how long a piece like this takes. Ps I dont know any sue or bobs

Jen Kirby said...

I've had ladies shudder and say "scary" about a cute wolf painting. I was amused at the idea of paper and paint being scary!

Gwen Buchanan said...

I sometimes wonder about "people" .. it is as if they were never taught anything.... never taught to appreciate, never taught grace.. it makes me sad about the human race.. that's why i love animals.

Your work is amazing.

Anna Schoolderman said...

How about..."How long have you been painting? I have a friend who has just started painting, and he paints just like you."

Gayle Mason said...

Thank you Dawn, I don't know the finer points of the breed so it's good to hear I've captured the essence.
Thanks Paul, it took me around 70 hours to finish, it's about 14 x 10 inches.
Jen, I can imagine.
Gwen, me too, I often think that some people must believe having a pencil or brush in my hand makes me deaf.
Anna, that one made me laugh.

Bev said...

Hi Gayle,

Yes I have heard them all!! The comments did affect my confidence in the early days, but I try to put it down to ignorance on their part and not lack of artistic skills on my part. People!!! Give me animals any day, at least they are always happy to see you :-)

vivien said...

:>) and there are the plein air equivalents of information on beginners classes at the local community centre, husband telling wife 'you could do that' or running commentary on 'she's using a KNIFE', now she's using her fingers ..... etc etc etc!

A deaf ear and thick skin are essential skills to learn I'm afraid

lovely work

Annie said...

comments of these people should not even be mentioned. These are people without souls! who know nothing apreciate. I also paint an amateur I can tell you that your work is splendid I paint myself Irish setters because they are my dogs. your work is beautiful congratulations