Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Rough Pup - Graphite Drawing of a Rough Collie Pup

'Rough Pup' Graphite on Arches Hot Pressed Watercolour Paper
Approximately 14 x 10 inches

Very belated wishes that you all have a great 2015.

The drawing above is the first one completed this year and is of 'Xena' the youngest member of my rough collie family. I chose to draw her in a very uncharacteristic pose, mainly because I thought I might never see her sitting still again :) The image below is much more characteristic of Xena although after all the rain she is slightly more muddy looking.
I do intend to draw her again when time permits and this time it will be a Xena in action pose.

I haven't made any plans for 2015 mainly because I don't tend to revist the list once February arrives. Instead I'm keeping a weekly to do list which includes regular updates of my blog and website and some painting/drawing time.  
I am planning to overhaul my website in the very near future as I think it needs completely re- designing to make it more suitable for the latest technology.

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