Friday, February 17, 2006

Introducing the Canine Family.

Before moving onto art, I thought I'd better introduce the furry family. We have five rough collies living with us, all with completely different temperaments but all have the same tendency for dropping fur everywhere you least want it. They see it as a way of helping in the process of creating art.
First we have Glenspey Highland Dusk, or Juno
to his friends.
He is seven months in the photo, but he's now a much more grown up 16 months. He's going to a big dog show tomorrow, Midland Collie Club Championship show for anybody interested, and might pose for a more up to date photograph if he does well.
Juno is the most laid back of dogs, totally unlike his madcap sister Roma, who I will be introducing next. His favourite thing is trying to sit on your knee during the production of new art work, he can be very critical when he chooses.
As a show dog he made a great start, he has three Best Puppy Dog's to his credit, all gained at Championship shows whilst he was a minor puppy. As a family pet he is the ideal companion, Juno loves everybody and everything, except on the odd occasion the other male dog in the family, Clinton, usually if girls or food are about.
Next is Juno's sister, Glenspey Highland Dawn, or Roma,
she is also known by a number of less complimentary
names which reflect her extrovert character. Roma is five months old in the photograph and you can see a typical 'waiting for mischief' Roma look..Never having stood still again, she has no recent photographs. When I catch her asleep I'll show you what she looks like now.
Roma doesn't really like the showring, she prefers to stay at home and help with the gardening. However I might be pursuading her to accompany Juno and her mum Jorja to some shows this Summer as she has matured into a pretty young lady.
She is the star of the graphite drawing 'Roma' that I did when she was just a little older than in the photograph. She also stars in my pastel work 'Why Me' which can be seen on my website.
Next in age is Juno and Roma's mum,
Uptown-Girl Des Beldones at Glenspey
or Jorja to her friends.
Jorja was born in France and pretends not to
understand English when it suits her.


Katherine said...

Gayle - the furry family are looking absolutely gorgeous as ever. Good luck with Juno in his show today - he's such a 'star' and I'm sure he'll do you proud!


Sketching Shepherds said...

Gayle .. I will be checking back to read your blog.. keen to read about both the "fur" and the paint" xx lin x

Sketching Shepherds said...

Gayle .. I will be checking back to read your blog.. I am keen to read about both the "fur" and the paint" xx lin xx ;0)

KATHY said...

What beautiful dogs!

KATHY said...

So, does mixing fur in the paint qualify as "mixed media"? :D