Friday, February 24, 2006

The Jorja Family take the Lead.

Actually, they all walk very nicely on the lead coming back from the fields, not so good when they're going.
That has nothing at all to do with this post though. My next work is going to be 'The Collie Club' and it stars the Jorja family, Roma as a puppy, Juno as an adolescent and Jorja as an adult.
After playing around with some of my photographs I came up with the following arrangement.

Please note the lighting is not consistant, and the proportions are wrong but it gives an idea what I am aiming for.

I am going to use a full sheet of Fabriano Artistico, Bright White, Hot Press Watercolour paper. I usually use Arches but wanted a paper that was white rather than cream as I will not be putting in a full background.
The size will end up approximately 20 x 16 inches.

I have not yet decided if this will be completed in graphite or colour but by the time I have done the drawing I will hopefully have made up my mind.

The photograph of Juno was taken last year at Windsor Championship Dog show, he had just won the minor puppy dog class and was looking pleased with himself.
Jorja was posing for a biscuit in the garden and Roma was sitting in her basket in the conservatory, no doubt also hoping for a biscuit for looking pretty.

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