Friday, June 16, 2006

Drive-ing Me Mad

Another week of chaos in the Mason house, just when we had all recovered from the kitchen rebirth, the builders came to block pave the driveway. I have to say that these two guys are excellent, they come early in the morning, only require their cups to be refilled and tidy up every evening. However once the original drive was dug up, and the steps removed we were left with a two foot drop to ground level. No problem, until you remember that I've torn my calf muscle and can only move my leg a fraction in any direction. My two sons continued to hurtle out the door, dropping to earth with a thud, they even continued when the newly laid cement was drying waiting for the block paving to be added to the two semi-circular steps. They suggested I blame the four huge footprints on cats when the builders queried them the morning after.
We also can't walk on the paving that is already down until the silicon sand has been added, but you try explaining to my dogs that they have to walk down a strip 4 inches wide when they can see terra firma all around.
I think the paving has been re started three times now and I can see the £ signs shooting upwards.
Five days later and the paving is creeping nearer the door, sons and dogs are banned from leaving the house in case they move it yet again. Clinton is looking at the lounge window wondering if it is open wide enough to fit a Collie through, guess what's underneath it, correct, unsealed block paving, I think I'll close the window.

In the midst of chaos I have managed to continue with Gabby, Norwegian Foresat Cat 3. I have added some pines, a bit of grass and started underpainting a path for her dainty feet. Pity my sons and dogs haven't got feet that size, less reworking of the drive would have been needed. That has reminded me that one of the neighbourhood cats used the level, packed sand as a litter tray.

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