Friday, June 23, 2006

Dianna Ponting Workshop

I have just attended the workshop that Canadian artist Dianna Ponting held in Lancashire, UK.
Dianna is a lovely lady and a wonderful artist, I thoroughly enjoyed my two days.
We were using pastels and Dianna had brought lots of her own for us to try out. I was particularly impressed with the Holbeins and the Terry Ludwig darks, although I still have a real fondness for Unison. I like Schminke and Sennelier but find them both very soft and only useful in the final layers.
I was working on Royal Sovereign pastel card in Raw Sienna, which is quite harsh and retains plenty of pigment.
On the first day we all worked from the same photo, but on the second we moved onto our own projects.
I was going to work on my friends Norwegian Forest Cat, but forgot to take the photo, so I used one of my own photo's of a mother and baby Ring Tailed Lemur.
I didn't get a lot done, but pastel moves much faster than coloured pencil so I hope to finish it over the weekend.

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Katherine said...

Looking forward to seeing the pictures on the blog Gayle.