Thursday, July 06, 2006

Back to Art

Since my last post my son has had major heart surgery to repair coarctation of his aorta. We discovered he had the condition almost eighteen months ago and he finally had the operation. This meant a couple of days in intensive care, followed by several days on an ordinary ward. The care he received in hospital was fantastic but now he is home I can finally return to my neglected art.

I am carrying on with several projects.

The 3rd Norwegian Forest Cat is now coming together after a phase of looking 10 foot tall, I hope she will continue to shrink as I start work on ther back.
I did the path by laying down several colours of pencil then blending using the Zest It Pencil Blend Solvent, this worked really well in giving a less defined look to the path. I might well go back and define a few foreground stones.

The Zebra's continue to move forward, or backward depending on the viewpoint. I am nearly ready to start putting the forward facing Zebra in. This one is all coloured pencil on Arches Hot Press Watercolour paper.

The Lemurs have not moved forward but I have purchased the Light and Dark set of Unison pastels which I am finding really useful. I will hopefully post an update later

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