Tuesday, July 25, 2006

An Ending and Hopefully a New Beginning

Since my last post I have had to say goodbye to one of my collies, Chelsey, who was only three years old. From start to finish her illness only lasted about ten days and right until the last moment we never thought it was life threatening. But once she became distressed the right thing to do was give her release.
As I had never bred from her I didn't have a post mortem done but the vet thinks she had some sort of acute liver failure.

I had planned to mate Roma at her next season and after a lot of deliberation we took her to visit the dog we had chosen last weekend.
Roma thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and in fact escaped from the run we had put her in to rest and went back to the scene of her mating, perhaps hoping for part two.
Here is a recent photograph of Roma , she is still naughty but maturing nicely. We have got our fingers crossed that we will have the patter of tiny paws in due course.

On the painting side I am almost finished with Gabby the Norwegian Forest Cat, she needs a little bit more work on her shadow and a little bit more work on the grass. This is mainly coloured pencil but I have added tiny hairs of acrylic. I will post a close up of the fur so anyone interested can see how I've done it.

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Kay said...

so sorry about your lovely collie...these wonderful dogs tend to break our hearts...but we love them so...