Saturday, October 21, 2006

New Beginnings and Nearly Finished

Roma's pups are now looking less like little rodents and more like puppies, not yet Rough Collie puppies but getting there. So here are Roxy (Glenspey Heavely Star) and Remy (aka Basil, Glenspey Shooting Star)

The pups are beginning to develop personalities now, Roxy is more confident in the house, but when we made the most of yesterdays sunshine she collapsed in a heap at her first taste of the great outdoors. Basil however wandered about quite happily in a short sighted blundering way.
Roxy gave her first bark yesterday and frightened herself, she hasn't repeated the experience yet.
The first photograph is 'Roxy', the second 'Basil.

I have been working on my Juno painting and have almost finished. I found the background was starting to come forward a little so I airbrushed some very pale blue over it all.


Anonymous said...

I love your paintings.
I now have visited you a few times and every time it gets nicer.
I am a Norwegian Forstcat lover and also of the Collie.
I have both. The two most wunderfull kind of races in the animal world.

The puppy is so cute.


Anonymous said...

I think your paintings are great.
And especially the animals you paint.
Collies and Norwegian Forestcast.
Two wunderfull kind of animals together and I am the proud owner of both.

I have made a link on my webllog to yours.

With kind regards, Henriette (Mette)