Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Puppies Rule

I wanted to photograph a piece of artwork this morning, and as it has stopped raining decided to go outside.
As I passed the puppies, ever watchful Rosco (name change from Remy/Basil) spotted me and stood up. As we are trying to house train them I picked him up and took him with me. He was well aware that would happen and I am sure he sleeps with one eye open, so he looked very self satisfied.
This morning it is very wet and windy in Yorkshire, although it wasn't actually raining when I went out. I thought the wind might scare him, so put him down in the shelter of the Conservatory, wrong, he immediately climbed into a trough of flowers. I rescued him from there and he did his best 'I rule the world' stand, a show dog in the making I hope.

I am completely puppy orientated at the moment so I completed a new ACEO last night, this time of a border collie puppy from a litter I visited a couple of years ago. It is all coloured pencil on Arches Hot Press Watercolour paper and has been listed on eBay. I think my next small work will have to feature Rosco, I'm sure he's going to pose for the camera.


Katherine said...

I think he already has Gayle. When people talk the patter of tiny feet I bet you think puppy claws!

Bonny said...

Gayle, both the photo of Rosco and the ACEO are adorable! I can just see that Rosco has already 'stolen your heart'. He's so soft and cuddly!

Anonymous said...

The pup makes me smile and touches my hart. What a lovely one.
This little boy is a promisse for the future.

I love your painting.
But I always thought that Border Collies were only in Black and White.
I see some brown on him/her.

When whe decided to have a new dog, whe had to choose about our two favorite ones. De Border or the Rough Collie.
The Rough Collie did win.


Gayle Mason said...

Thank you for your comments, we are completely captivated by both puppies.
Henriette, Border Collies have many coat colours, the white must just not be predominant. There are tri colours, blue and white, red and white etc.