Sunday, May 20, 2007

Finished at Last

I got the horse finished at last and sent on its sea voyage. I was really pleased with how well the varnishing turned out. I used a silk rather than gloss varnish and liked the slightly dull finish.

The grey squirrel hasn't been back to visit for a few days so I was pleased to see two of the young yesterday. One was really athletic and ran up and down our two silver birches, jumping easily from one to the other. The other plodded up the tree realised the gap was too wide for a jump and sort of slithered back to ground level, crept across the lawn pretending it wasn't really there and struggled up the other tree. Obviously tired it then sat there for the next hour while it's sibling played at teasing the dogs, running about and stopping frequently to swear at them. I could see that it's mother had taught it well.

I have bought some of the new Derwent tinted graphite pencils so will hopefully be able to share with you what they are like to use.


Susan Borgas said...

A wonderful finish Gayle and betting it will take pride of place in its new home. The squirrels sound like real characters....chuckle

Gayle Mason said...

Thank you Susan.

The squirrels are great they are all quite different in character. There was a deer in the garden at the back of ours yesterday morning, I didn't see it though.