Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Just Horsing Around

Sorry I haven't been updating on a regular basis, life got in the way. I am going to try to update at least every other day with something, even if it is a photograph rather than artwork.

The dogs are all as mad as ever, although over the last couple of months we have noticed Saska is really showing signs of old age. On wakening from a deep sleep she often doesn't recognise us for a couple of seconds and does her best guard dog routine. But she still enjoys her walks and chasing her ball, sometimes now though she lets one of the others bring it back, she tells us she's training them in the art of retrieve.
Roxy got her first rosette at a Championship show last Sunday, she is starting to look a little bit more mature. Sadly Rio is quite small still and we do wonder if he is going to grow large enough to be shown. He isn't worried though, and likes staying at home with my sons, who spoil him when Roxy is away.

The squirrel has had to be put on one side while I sort out my entries for the Fine Line Artists latest exhibition.
The theme of this show is 'Portals' and it is taking place in June at the Jitterbug Cafe & Roasting Co. in Ontario, Canada.
We have all interpreted 'portal' in a different way which should make for a very interesting exhibition.
For my first one I decided to use portal as being a doorway, in this case a stable door.
Only ever having drawn one horse before I am finding this quite a difficult challenge, however he is looking more horse, and less frog like now.

I am using my Ampersand Pastelbord, it is 30 x 40 cm and is the sand coloured one.
I have used coloured pencil, then Zest it solvent on the background. The solvent really saturates the colour and makes blending very easy.


Katherine said...

Saska as Barbara Woodhouse / the Dowager Dame - I can just see that!

On to much more serious things ;) - you have been tagged by me - and now need to share with us seven things most of us don't know about you (if you care to play along!) See my blog 11.05.07. for more details

Karen said...

He is going to be so beautiful.

I hope you'll forgive my cheek - I've tagged you. For what this means visit my blog.
Of course you don't have to join in but it's quite good fun.

Gayle Mason said...

Saska can definitely say 'sit' in her very sternest bark. It's usually directed at us.
Thanks Karen
Looks like I'm well and truly tagged.
I'll join in as long as I only need to find 7 things not 14.