Friday, November 23, 2007

More Cats

I'm glad it's weekend, this has been one of those weeks that go from bad to worse.
I'm having a difficult time at work due to massive restructuring which is ongoing, so that has been on my mind all week.
On Wednesday I slipped on some leaves and hit my chin on a wall that kindly stopped me falling to the floor, but left me with a huge bruise and a bottom jaw that doesn't look to fit the top one.
Thursday we got Juno and Roxie ready for the show which takes place today. We got up on Friday to find most of Roxie's coat on the floor, she told me she was hot in the night so had taken it off. It is not worth taking either of them to the show as Juno is also slightly out of coat, so the hours spent getting them ready was wasted.
Also on Thursday my eldest son's drive shaft on his car rolled over and died. As he needs his car to get to University that took a lot of sorting out to ensure it went to the sick car hospital on Friday.
On Friday I had to have some routine blood tests, as I have had chemotherapy my veins strongly object to anyone even looking at them. They were even less impressed when the nurse told me she had forgotten her glasses, but not to worry she works mainly by touch. All I can say is that her touch let her down on this occasion.

But, Shred is finished and I'm working on a new cat on drafting film.
I used a lot of Neocolor ll on the fur under Shred's chin and then wet it so that I could get a nice slightly out of focus look. I am really impressed with how the Neocolour work so well with coloured pencil.

The other cat is mainly coloured pencil with touches of acrylic, I'm still thinking about how I'm going to do the reflection.


vivien said...

what a horrible week :( - hope the Desperate Dan look is subsiding now :)

Well one good thing came out of the week - Shred is utterly gorgeous :)

Gayle Mason said...

I still look most peculiar, nothing new there really.
Thanks for the Shred comment, i have to admit to being pleased with how he turned out.

Katherine said...

I have to tell you Shred looks even better in person!

Gayle - what a week!!!

I bet Roxie has been preening in front of the mirror doing her "Do I look good in this? Does my bottom look too big in this? I bet it will rain and I'll look just AWFUL!!! How about if I take it off?......OH! "

Gayle Mason said...

Thanks Katherine.
And yes that would be just how Roxie would think.

bonnie said...

Your cat renderings are utterly gorgeous! So real you want to stroke their fur. Beautiful work.
Those kitty subjects captivate.