Friday, April 25, 2008

Graphite Tiger

Well Roma's season was immediately followed by her daughter Roxie launching into hers, so upheaval has continued.

In the midst of rampaging dogs I decided to retreat to graphite as it creates no mess, well until the dogs knock my electric sharpener to the floor.

I usually use clutch pencils but add touches of 6B with a wood cased pencil.
This is approximately 20 x 14 inches on Mellotex paper, using a range of pencils from 4H to 4B.
I have indented some of the hairs in the ear using a pergamano embossing tool.

There is more head and body in the complete image, but it didn't fit on my scanner.


Katherine Tyrrell said...

You know what they say happens when you get a lot of girls together in one place.

Just so long as you don't start rampaging around as well ;)

I'd love to see a photo of this new tool

Gayle Mason said...

All rampaging is now over.
Photo of tool coming up.