Friday, May 09, 2008

More Graphite

I took a photograph of the tool I use for indenting next to the partially drawn tiger, so that you can see the scale.That is only a small part of the picture, he will have more of his body drawn eventually.

I have had a week filled with disasters, mostly they were small to middling but didn't feel like it at the time.
As the sun made a brief appearance last weekend, we went to visit the local garden centre, which also has an aquatic section. My eldest son loves Sterlets, but the Sterlets don't return the affection. He has had two, one lasted a day, the second a couple of days. Their habit of swimming round the edge of the pond makes them an easy target for local cats and the Heron that visits.
However I gave in and bought him another one, which was released into the pond. He checked on it several times over that evening and asked me to look at it the following morning as he is in the middle of his University exams.
Well I looked, and looked, and looked as despair started to set in. After 15 minutes I was just going to go in the house when I saw a twitch by my foot, there was the fish, in the soil.
As it was still breathing I put it in the pond and stood guard until it managed to right itself. I checked it over the next couple of hours but it didn't improve, so I steered it round for a while. Eventually Stevie the Sterlet recovered enough to dive to the bottom of the pond. I couldn't see any injuries so I assume the daft thing had jumped out of the water.
I have now had to net the pond to stop it doing it again which means I can't see my fish very well, plus I have had to build a ramp leading to a hole for the frogs and toads.
The next story involves a treadmill which when built had the incline going the wrong way, so instead of running uphill you were running down!

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"JeanneG" said...

I love looking at your artwork, your collies, and your beautiful wild animal photos.