Friday, May 30, 2008

More Mastiff in Coloured Pencil

Still no progress on the tiger but I have been working on the Mastiff puppy.

Rio has found a new sport, catching wasps, not only catching them, but then very noisily eating them. I'm not sure where they're coming from but he had three this afternoon. As soon as I see him bouncing round the Conservatory I know he's found another. The other dogs are horrified, Roxie thinks they're nasty dirty things that she wouldn't touch with Clinton's paw. Roma watches with a mothers anxiety, Saska can't see them (or hear them) and Juno bites Rio in the excitement. I spent my time trying to prevent Rio getting stung.


JAN said...

wow this your art is coming alond beautifully. I bet rio is a bit of a character..after been badly stung last summer im sure my daughter would think Rio was some kind of super hero chasing away all those wasps

Gillian McMurray said...

I had to laugh at Rio eating the wasp. My sister's dog, Stanley, has decided to try French cuisine - snails. He won't leave them alone and has developed quite a taste for them. Yuck. At least they don't sting.

Gayle Mason said...

At least with the wasps, the bits he dribbles out of his mouth to keep for later will be slightly less repulsive than partially chewed snails.
Rio almost fell in the pond today while watching a frog, he really is a character.

Jeanette said...

The pup is so cute Gayle. It will be fabulous when its done.

I always have my heart in my mouth when they go after stinging insects. I had a Border Collie that used to do that and his muzzle would swell up when he got stung, poor thing.