Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Creating a Portfolio

I wanted to create a portfolio which shows several steps in the creation of some of my paintings and drawings.
I started by using Adobe InDesign, but I'm not really that familiar with it's workings and was having to turn to the help at every stage. So I switched to Serif PagepPlus 9 which I have used fairly extensively.
I created a master on an A4 sheet which gives me 4 small areas and a larger one, so I can show 4 stages plus the final.
I printed my sample on fine art paper and was pleased with the result, it has given me something to work from. It obviously needs a bit of fine tuning but at least I have the basics worked out.

As I own both a comb binder and a laminator I should be able to create quite a substantial end result.


Jeanette said...

That's quite impressive Gayle. I'd love to do something similar for some of my classes. I end up with stuff on powerpoint or loose sheets.

What is the final size of the piece you're using in cms or inches? Do you have a professional printer to get such nice quality?

Anonymous said...

That's great for a portfolio, but I would love to buy some of these! Will you be making any to sell?
If yes, I will contact you directly via email.


Gayle Mason said...

Jeanette final size is 12 x 10inches. I have an Epson R2400 which is an A3 printer that uses the archival pigmented inks, including 3 blacks.
Sandi I'm thinking of doing something similar but with a list of materials and maybe instructions.
Please feel free to email me and I can discuss further.