Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Royal Society of Miniature Painters, Sculpters and Gravers Exhibition

Yesterday I attended the Private View of The Royal Society of Miniature Painters, Sculpters and Gravers 2008 annual exhibition at the Mall Galleries in London.
Following an awful train journey I met up with Katherine Tyrrell and Tracy Hall at the Mall Galleries to look round the exhibition.

Katherine has written a comprehensive post on the Exhibition on her Making a Mark blog and Tracy was awarded the Gold Memorial Bowl which is the most prestigious prize offered, so you can see I was in good company.
I am a huge fan of Tracy's work and it was lovely to see it in real life.

The standard of work exhibited was uniformly high, I was amazed at the detail some of the artists had achieved.
The Private View was crowded and the red dots marking sales were springing up all over. Miniature Art is obviously very popular.

Katherine then took us to the National Dining Rooms were we enjoyed a delicious three course lunch.
Returning to the Mall Galleries we attended the presentation of awards.
I liked a great deal of the work exhibited, but apart from Tracy's, the set of work that made the most impression on me was painted by Rosalind Pierson RMS HS[Co-founder] MAA
Her tiny watercolour landscapes are absolutely exquisite.
I came away from the exhibition inspired and determined to carry on painting miniatures.

Read Katherine's blog for more information, photographs and details of all the award winners.
I have continued with the wolf although the light was poor today to get an accurate photograph.


Jeanette said...

You're so lucky to have seen this exhibition live. Its one of the things I miss about not living in a large city.

Your wolf looks absolutely stunning. I adore it. The fur is just perfect.

Judy said...

Your wolf is beautiful, great work.

Tracy Hall said...

It was super to meet you! I agree about Roz Pierson's work, it is breathtaking. She is doing a demonstration today (sat) I think - one I would have especailly loved to have seen!