Friday, October 17, 2008

Wolf Continued

I'm almost there with the wolf. His bottom jaw needs to be altered at the left side (his right) and I need to finish his fur.
The squirrels are back so the dogs have resumed their hobby of squirrel watching, unfortunately they've forgotten that it's a quiet hobby. The first one to catch sight of a squirrel barks to tell the second , who then barks to tell the third and so on. The squirrels don't worry at all, in fact I'm waiting for them to start barking back.


Tracy Hall said...

Wow, this is beautiful, Gayle. His fur looks amazing.

Do let us know if the squirrels start barking :)

Jane said...

How will you be able to alter his jaw so late in the drawing?
And which link of fixative do you use?
I have really been enjoying your demos-Thank you!

Gayle Mason said...

Thanks Tracy and Jane
Jane I'll just repaint using acrylic.
I don't usually use fixative as I will frame under glass.