Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Maine Coon Cats Continued

I'm working on the cats and the mallard so I'll show you thye update on the Maine Coon Cats today.

I'm painting an undercoat in watercolour then using the coloured pencil on top.


Laurene said...

Those eyes are hypnotic, Gayle! Just beautiful - real cat eyes!
I was wondering if the white hair in the ear is done in white pencil, or if we're seeing the white of the paper?
I've been following the mallard painting on AP too, and I'm looking forward to the next update.

Scott D. Tillett said...

This is looking great. Nice fur.

Jeanette said...

They are beautiful Gayle!

Erik said...

Hi Gayle,
Just discovered your blog. Great images and I still have a lot of reading to do of older posts. Keep it up!

Gayle Mason said...

Thanks for commenting.
Laurene the white in the ears is liquid acrylic.

Gayle Mason said...

Erik I just visited your blog, your work is stunning.

Erik said...

Thanks Gayle, appreciate it!

Dean Grey said...

The composition works so well here!

These cats look so lovely already and its not even done yet! It could almost be framed incomplete it's so good!

Great eyes and great stares from all of the cats! Makes me wonder what they've spotted.