Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Pastel cat on Pastelmat

I wanted to compare pastel and coloured pencil on Pastelmat. I also wanted to see how colours worked on the black as I always feel that black Stonehenge has a deadening effect on colours.
Here's a few stages in a little demo I did.

I like the pastel, the colours stay vibrant, at least for now, I'll revisit in a few days


Dibujando...ando said...

Thank you for sharing your experience with the world Gayle. This is a great demo which can help me to improve my skill.

Teresa said...

This is gorgeous already! Are you using stick pastels or pencil pastels?


Sue said...

Georgeous, the black really makes the colours sing

Gayle Mason said...

Thanks everybody.
Teresa I'm using soft pastels rather than pastel pencils

Dean Grey said...

I love the way this is turning out!

And to be quite honest, I think the cat looks super cool "unfinished" against the black/gray background.

So neat!!


Teresa said...

Thank you... just saw a more recent version and....... like all of your work...... Wow!

Dors said...

Thank you Gayle for sharing this. very interesting tutorial.
I have just tried pastel pencils and I don't really care for them. I like the soft pastel sticks. but find it hard to do fine detail with them. Just learning here. :)