Monday, April 13, 2009

Burmese Cat in Coloured Pencil

I've started another in the 2009 cat series.
I took the photograph of this beautiful male Burmese in quite strong sunshine so the light on him is nice.
It is quite large, around 16 x 12 on Arches hot press. This time I'm burnishing between layers as he has such a dense plush coat.
I haven't started the eyes because I intend to do a mini demonstration showing how I complete them.

We visited Martin Mere again yesterday because I was hoping to see the Kingfishers. Sure enough they were visible round the hole they are hopefully going to nest in. I couldn't take any good photographs as the windows in the hide have been nailed shut to minimise disturbance. Once the birds have settled the windows should be opened again.
It was still a wonderful experience to watch these birds starting to excavate their nest hole.
I did take some nice photographs of a Heron in the sun.


Karen said...

How fabulous that you are getting good views of kingfishers. If they do produce you might see the juveniles!!! If I was a little bit nearer I'd be there like a shot, the kingfishers at my local reserve haven't been around this year - at least not when I've been there - they probably see me coming and hide, lol.
The burmese cat is a beauty, I think they have rather a haughty look. Are you doing the eye demo on your blog?

Gayle Mason said...

I am going to do the eye demo here.
I'm going to go back in a few weeks to see how they're doing, I'd love to see young Kingfishers