Friday, March 19, 2010

Endings and a Macro Cat

One of the things I want to do before my last day at work is to finish off all my work in progress. That way when we get to the first of April I can have a new beginning.
Some of you might remember this cat from the NEC last November, I hadn't done any more with it until this week, now it's almost finished.
It's approximately 10 x 8 ins, coloured pencil with acrylic washes on Arches paper and will hopefully be going to the SOFA exhibition in September.
Now I'm going to work, my very last Friday!


Pauline said...

Hope your very last Friday at work is a good one. Within a few months you won't know how you managed to fit work into your life. Happy painting days ahead.

Tracy Hall said...

How exciting Gayle! A new chapter. This is a beauty, such soft fur and an amazing eye.

Theora-skye said...

wow thats amazing .. I thought it was a photo ..
looks so amazing :) I cant get over how real it looks .. the reflection of the eye an glassy ness
great :)

Theora-skye said...

This is an amazing picture. I thought it was a photo the way the light reflects off the eye and thee glassy look of it . its amazing

awesome :)