Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Drawing Animal Hair

I'm starting work on my next demonstration and by popular request it will be a 'how to' about drawing animal hair using coloured pencil.

So I sat down with my reference photographs, my paper and pencils, Adobe InDesign to use for the layout of the scans, and ground to a sudden halt as I realised animal hair is much too wide a subject for one step by step.
For a start do people want long hair, short hair, curly hair, wiry hair, fine hair, course hair? Then there is black hair, white hair, tabby hair, flecked, tipped, the list goes on. My basic stroke making stays the same but I do use slightly different things depending on both the type and colour of the hair.
So I'm going to break the subject into bite size chunks then people can pick which demonstrations(s) they are interested in.
My aim is eventually to offer a 1 day workshop on either drawing a dog or cat portrait in coloured pencil.
I plan to have them ready for sale at Patchings in June and from my website around the same time.
I also hope to have worked out the details on the workshop by early June.
Watch this space for updates on my progress.


Karen said...

I am so excited to read this news! Your 'step by steps' will be just what I need.

Gayle Mason said...

Thanks Karen, I'll try to have a good variety of subjects

DEB said...

It's so fun to render animal hair. He works in oils, but one of my favorite painters of animal fur is Sam Dolman, if you want to check out his blog. You've got a beautiful texture outlined in this piece!

Dors said...

Love the progress on the Lion.

I find it so interesting how you render the fur.
Great WIP. watching our for next update.

Thanks so much Gayle.

Benco said...

Good stuff, I find drawing fur is such a nightmare so this is really useful. Love the lion.