Monday, May 10, 2010

Graphite Lion Continued

I've continued working on the lion. I decided to work some of the darker tones in the mane so that I could decide how light the blond fur should be.
My card stand arrived today and I'm very pleased with it. It was easy to assemble, freels strong, rotates smoothly and will hold at least 60 different designs.
It will look far more professional having my cards displayed in a stand rather than spread out on the table.


Kay said...

wonderful..I like to put in darks pretty early..he will be a handsome cat!

Dors said...

Looking great Gayle. I am looking forward to seeing the progress on your lion.

Just a matter of interest... What is your preference ... Garaphite or CP.

Gayle Mason said...

Thank you :)

I have days when I like the ease of graphite, no colour to think about and convenient to carry around.
Then other days I get a longing for colour.