Saturday, October 23, 2010

Another Tabby Cat in Coloured Pencil

Another small tabby cat. This one is 5 x 4 coloured pencil and acrylic on stonehenge paper.
I've started a large acrylic and these small pictures give me a break from the intense concentration. I like the lighting on this one so I'm thinking of doing a larger version.


gail said...

Hello, I wanted to stop by and say Hi. Your art is amazing. You are very talented and I have enjoyed looking through your blog:)
Have a great day, happy creating,

Fay Akers said...

you do a great job on the fur. Here is a little thing I do for whiskers. Before I start drawing in the area I take a piece of tracing paper and place over the area, then with a very pointy pen I press into the paper where I want the whiskers. This way when I start drawing I lightly pencil the area and the whiskers are there. I hope this is clear for you.

RLT Art said...

that is stunning!

Carol Moore said...

Amazing work Gayle! I love the attention to detail that you give to your animal works. So full of life and character.

sam said...

Beautiful job, I like that gentle look)

Bethany Dirksen said...

I just stumbled across your blog for the first time and thought I would say hello! I looked through a few of your posts and love your style. You have a real talent with capturing the essence of animal life.

I'm a blogger as well, about the world of art. I enjoy blogging about my own art, but also tips for other artists for creating and business related topics. I love to hear what people are saying and doing about art, so I'm glad I found you! Hope we get to see more of each other in the future.


Gayle Mason said...

Thank you all.