Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Racoons Continued

I'm making slow progress on the three racoons, I've covered about a third of the board and worked some of that up to about 90%
I'm enjoying working from my own photograph as it brings back memories of the day we spent in Stanley Park, Vancouver in the summer. It is far easier not to slavishly follow the photograph when I can remember other details about the scene from actually having been there.
I have used reference material from other sources (always with permission) and I will continue to do so but that obviously restricts what can be done with the resulting artwork.
Most juried exhibitions and competitions now have a ruling that states entries need to be based an the artists own reference material, which is why I now have thousands of my own photographs stored on backup drives.


RLT Art said...

they are gorgeous!

Dors said...

I am enjoying the WIP on these gorgeous little Racoons.

Great work Gayle.

Tracy Hall said...

This is looking great Gayle, especially like the log. They are such cute looking creatures, it must have been terrific to see them in the wild, I've only ever seen them in zoos. My problem with all the stored photos is a good cataloguing system to find them again quickly.

SOFIA said...

so beautiful!!!

Debbie Goode said...

Looks fantastic...as usual. I try to use my own photos as well....problem is I'm finding I'm going to have to invest in a better camera to get the detail I need.....expensive to say the least. I'm saving up my pennies!