Thursday, December 02, 2010

Strathmore Bristol with a Vellum Surface

'Wet Behind the Ears'
6 x 4 inches on Strathmore Bristol
I'm always looking to try out new papers and brought a couple of different pads back from Canada this year.
One of them was a Strathmore 500 series Bristol with a vellum finish. It has a slightly toothier surface than my usual papers but I found it nice to use with coloured pencil. It took many layers, in fact I ran out of patience before the paper ran out of tooth.
Once again it is a creamy colour rather than a true white but that didn't matter with this piece as I covered almost all the paper.
I prefer this paper to Stonehenge which I find too spongy for my liking although I know it is the paper of choice for a lot of coloured pencil artists.
I've now found a supplier of Strathmore paper in the UK, Castle Hill Crafts who offer a mail order sevice:-


Clovie Boy said...

Wonderful drawing! I might have to try this paper. I use Stonehenge most of the time and wonder if there isn't something I might like better.

RLT Art said...

this is a beautiful piece! really gorgeous

Arti said...

Very nice...great detail.Paper plays a big part in pencil work.

Sandy said...

You inspire me.