Thursday, March 03, 2011

Pastel Tiger Completed

"Bad Fur Day"
20 x 16 inches, pastel on Fisher paper.

Although the tiger was completed without any issues, getting a colour corrected image was incredibly difficult. This was due to both my desktop and laptop computers dying at more or less the same time.
I had an old edition of Photoshop running on the desktop so when that computer ceased to function I wasn't too worried as I have the full CS4 suite running on my Mac Pro Book.
I decided I couldn't justify the expense of buying the windows version for my desktop and I would manage with Photoshop Elements.
So my son went ahead and rebuilt my computer. Within hours of wiping the hard drive my laptop got stuck in an update sequence and of course I couldn't find the system disc to reboot.
So I am currently waiting for new discs to be shipped to me so that my son can (hopefully) repair the laptop.
I needed an accurate image of the tiger because I wanted to submit it on line to a competition.
I couldn't scan because it was far to big for the scanner so I had to photograph it. The light was so poor the resulting image needed correcting which I found incredibly difficult using Elements. I need to add that the version of Elements I had is really, really old, I'm sure the newer versions are far better to use.
I did manage but what would have been a small tweak in Photoshop became a huge task.
Fingers crossed that my laptop is soon operational.


sherryscarvings said...

Hi, Your Tiger is just "Outstanding"!
the texture of the fur is so realistic, and the color are on cue.
Best of luck with your computer system.
and "Best of luck" with the competition. It is a great piece!!

DalaHorse said...

He's a wonderful tiger...he looks like he went swimming and just shook all the water off his fur. Good luck with your computer fixings! Sue♥

Kay said...

computers are a blessing and a bane...hope you get yours up to snuff soon. Lovely Tiger.

Clovie Boy said...

It's really beautiful!

Phil Davis said...

Sory about your computer problems Gayle, but as usual, the painting is superb.

juliaruffleswildlife said...

absolutely STUNNING tiger profile, I am in awe of your talent ***** Jules

Natascha said...

Wow, love how you did the fur clumping together. Your art is an inspiration.