Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Little Owl Part 2

I'm continuing to work on the owl. I tend to work on one area at a time building the depth by glazing thin layers of paint.
The great thing about using acrylics is that adjustments can be made as and when necessary. For me this removes the hesitation in getting started because I know if when I go wrong I can correct the mistake.
I try not to add any white to the colour I'm glazing with to keep it as transparent as possible. For the feathers I'm using a lot of burnt and raw umber with touches of paynes grey and alizarin to vary the colour.
I glaze over the white feathers with burnt umber then add more white etc until I'm happy with the result.


Artes da Cris said...

You're an amazing artist!
Beautiful works.

Jeanne @The Noodle Factory said...

When you say "glaze" do you mean a tin layer of paint, maybe mixed with some thinner or something?
Thanks for the information. I'm always open to learning new skills and the best way is to find out what other people do. Thanks for sharing.

Colleen said...

Looks beautiful so far! I love owls!

Gayle Mason said...

Thank you.
Jeanne I just thin the paint with water and as long as it is a transparent colour the underneath layers will show through.

Vicki Holdwick said...

Another beautiful painting in the works, Gayle,


Jeanne @The Noodle Factory said...

Thanks for answering my question. I appreciate it.