Monday, April 18, 2011

Local Birds 17/04/2011

A selection of birds I saw yesterday either in the garden or on my walk.

I'm not sure what the first bird is, I think it's a Willow Warbler but if anyone thinks differently please let me know.

The second is a Pied Wagtail which is one of my favourite birds.

The third is a Goldfinch, one of several that visit the garden each day.

The last bird is a Little Owl, which is one of a pair that I see when I walk the dogs down a lane near home. I got up especially early yesterday hoping to photograph the owls before most other people were about. It isn't the best photograph but I was pleased with it, I managed to snap it just as the sun was rising.

I can now paint a Little Owl from my own photograph which is great because I want to paint an Owl series.


Tracy Hall said...

Wonderful photos Gayle! I love the wagtails too, and wish we had goldfinches in our garden. Must have been brilliant to see the little owls on your walks, I've only ever seen them in captivity. Looking forward to the owl series!

Phil Davis said...

Hi Gayle, nice pics, and you are right,the first one is a Willow Warbler. I was listening to them singing myself this morning.

Gayle Mason said...

I love owls Tracy, we have several Tawney Owls live nearby but it's usually too dark to photograph them when they visit the garden.
Thanks Phil I'm glad you've confirmed it was a Willow Warbler I'm not very good at identifying Warblers.

Fay Akers said...

Thanks for sharing as I don't get those birds in my yard.